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If you are having trouble getting through the loss and don't know where to turn, turn to us. Join the Circle Of Support

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pet loss tribute

about Us

We would like to take a moment to extend our condolences. We understand how you feel, the Community is here for you.

The Creation of
I lost my beloved best friend, my side kick, late December 2005, It was a shock, and the sadness was unbelievable. I kept thinking she wasn't suppose to die that night, the vet said she would be OK. But it did happen and not in a good way.

In my effort to feel better I started searching the internet for anything and everything that would help me fill that huge void in my heart and stop the tears.

In one of my many searches I came upon a website and started reading the tributes. My heart went out to a fellow in Texas who lost his young baby girl the same day I did. I wrote to him by email, he answered.

It was then that I realized that we need to reach out to each other, talk, cry, and sometimes even laugh when we recant the stories of our babies antics to each other.

We wanted to create a WIN WIN situation. We set out to build a community of pet owners who could reach out to each other, we wanted to offer as many resources as we could and also donate much needed money to organizations that help animals everyday.

About Our "Feel Better" Products
When I lost my baby I looked for a way to honor her and to feel closer to her. Dakota's favorite spot was in the back yard. So I purchased a large wooden heart on a stake and painted more hearts within the bigger heart and the words I love you all over the place and staked it in the ground so I could remember her everyday.See Our "Feel Better" Product Menu

From this need to honor my baby Dakota was born our "Feel Better Products". We will donate 5% of each and every sale to Shelters, Humane Societies and other organizations that assist animals in distress. The balance of any other revenue will be used for the up keep of the website such as hosting fees, and other related internet fees so we can continue offering a Pet Loss Community online.

Dedication To Our New Commnity
This website is dedicated to all the fur babies who crossed over and to you, our community of people who need others now that truly understand your pain. This I believe is what our babies would want for us, to go on and cherish the memories find comfort and strength to complete your journey so that you may reunite again.

A Personal And Special Tribute
This website was designed in tribute to my special baby Dakota who passed soon after
her sister Chookie, and her brothers, Sebbie and Ootsba and little Angel who passed on the same day that my Dakota did. I believe they are all together now, pain free, and happy, but missing their special person. I imagine them running and playing as they always did, all together again now.

Our babies as we referred to them grew up together in NYC. They were not biological siblings but in heart and soul they were connected as if they were. My two dear friends and I adopted our kids as we called them within two years of each other. Soon we had a big happy family who played together, went to work together and grew together.

Each of our dogs had their own special personalities and always kept us entertained. Our babies grew older and soon made the journey of crossing over, one by one.

My dear friends and I helped each other as we lost each one. We had our own network of support, it was a comfort. But many other people do not have that support. Many people still think of a dog as just being a dog, or a cat is just an animal. I guess some people have never really known the greatness of unconditional love from any pet. I realized that some pet owners just have no one to talk to about their loss. So This site was made into a reality of resources for all who have loved and lost their best friends.

Each and everyday that we login to we will remember our babies Dakota, Chookie, Sebbie and Ootsba and our new friend Angel from Texas.

All our babies will be forever in our hearts, and one day we will be united again for all eternity.
Thank you for your support and may your fur Angels be watching over you always. We wish you peace and happiness.

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forever in our hearts


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