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pet loss tribute

Memorial Plus-Create your own web page Tribute

We believe that an online memorials is a wonderful and therapeutic way to help you through the grieving process. We have carefully designed a system that allows you to create your own memorial page with just the click of a button.

By choosing to create a lasting remembrance that you can change and update as you progress in your grieving process you will find that you have a sense of closeness to your pet again. When your webpage is completed invite your friends and family to view your memorial. See a Sample Memorial Webpage

Just $9.99

Features Include:

  • Create your own Memorial Webpage with the click of a button as easy as 1.2.3
  • Include two pictures of your pet
  • Choose your own background
  • Compose your memorial text online
  • Include details such as: Your Pets Favorite Toy
  • Choose the title of your memorial page (Ex: My Best Girl- Dakota)
  • Share your Memorial webpage with friends and family
  • Return as many times as you want to change and update your webpage
  • Just a one time fee of $9.99 See a Sample Memorial Webpage
  • A portion of your Memorial Plus sign up fee will be donated to help animal organizations.

In life we spend hundreds of dollars a year on our beloved pets from food to toys, Vet bills, treats, collars, leashes and sometimes even clothing. Consider investing a one time charge of just $9.99 and create a lasting tribute Memorial Webpage that can be viewed by all our members and the world. Creating your memorial will help your heart to heal and honor your best friend. Remember a potion of your dollars is donated to help animals in distress. Thank you for visiting. See a Sample Memorial Webpage


After your payment is completed your user name and password will be emailed to you. You can then begin your memorial page. Don't forget to write down your user and password information so you can return to update/edit your memorial. You may also want to bookmark your page for easy viewing or to send the link to family and friends.

Uploading your Pictures

Our system is set up to accept the following picture formats ,jpg and .gif. Formats with the extension .tiff, .png will not work. In addition if you are using pictures from your digital camera they maybe too large. As a courtesy to our members we will be happy to assist you with your pictures. We can convert them to the proper format and down size them a bit so they can be used with our system. If you need help please contact us at: this is a free service supplied by

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