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My Baby Girl
Forever in Our Hearts  
Pets Name: Dakota
Parents Name/Owner: The Siat Family
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Birthdate: 3/15/91
Passing Date: 12/30/05
Favorite Treat: Anything
Favorite Toy: Me
Favorite Sleeping Place: The Bed
Pets Everlasting

Dear Dakota, how can I possible put into words how much I loved you and miss you now. Each day seems like a struggle to get through it. Everything reminds me of you. We spent near 15 years together, you were my baby, my best friend and the one who was always there for me, no matter what. Your brother Giz misses you too. I tell him to look for you and his ears stand up. I know that he knows you went to heaven. I would do anything to change that horrible night you were in so much pain. I never expected you to leave us that night. It was such a shock to me and Giz. I got in touch with an animal communicator so I could talk to you. Do you remember talking to her? She told me you were coming back to me. I will wait for the signs. But just in case that doesn't happen I wanted you to know how very much you are missed each and everyday. We love you my darling and we will never ever stop loving you. Till we meet again and we will. Watch over us and find your brothers and just play and wait for me. Love mom !2/05/06-Soon it will be a year. I can hardly believe it. I still cry, I still miss you. Your were such a special gentle girl. You did not deserve to suffer, but I am so glad I was with you every minute. I love you so much my sweetness. Fly my love and play with all the Angels till we see each other again and I hold you close to me once more.
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