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pet loss tribute

Victoria Benda-Animal Communicator

Animals, Our Friends, Our Guides, Our Teachers.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened....Anatole France

Animals come into our lives with purpose to serve as our teachers, our guides and our friends, in life as well as death. Our animal friends bring us understanding of our connection to all of life, and awareness of our spiritual natures and interconnectiveness.

For those of us who love animals, our animal friends are an important facet of our lives, and we look to them, not only as animals, but as our joy, our light, and our beloved companions.

Animals choose us, and enter into our lives to help us learn and grow spiritually. They serve as our loving partners, always there for us with love, adoration, companionship and loyality.

When illness and physical death threaten to take our relationship with our animals away from us, we begin to feel helpless, adandoned, guilty, frightened, resistant, along with a deep sense of loss as we all wish to hold onto the love and relationship we share with our animal friends.

Death has long been an illusion of finality for humans. Most of us have come to believe that as we experience physical death, our existence ceases. Death is a transitory experience that animals do not fear. They understand very well that life does not cease to exist with the experience of death and that all of our life experiences, memories, emotions and love remain from this lifetime to the next within our consciousness.

Our animal friends can provide us with enlightenment through the death experience. Animals can help to move us beyond our own fears of immortality and limited beliefs and show us that life truly does exist beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

As you learn to allow death to unfold naturally, with greater understanding, you can open the doors to compassion, love and understanding for yourself and your animal friends. You move past fears, and into a realm of deep spiritual understanding and new perspectives of life as a continual fluid movement.

As an Animal Communicator and Spiritual Life Coach I am available to help you understand and cherish the gifts of love and teachings that our animals provide to us and to help you transcend pain and anguish from the loss of your beloved animal.

Victoria Benda
Animal Communicator


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